Money Saving Tips for Young Adults

Financial status can be one of the largest contributors to your stress level. Being responsible with money is a learning process, but will change your life once it is mastered. If you are looking to save money, take a quick look at these tricks and tips.

#1. Find a Good Budgeting App!

Mint is a great option.

Mint is the most well-known budget tracking app and 100% FREE. It organizes your transactions and generates useful charts to show you where exactly your money is going. You can also use it to track monthly bills and set your own budgets.

#2. Ditch Those Credit Cards

You were just going to use it for gas, right? It’s easy to get caught into a web of spending money that you don’t really have. There are much safer ways to boost your credit score without piling on additional debt.

#3. Get to Cooking!

Eating out constantly can start adding up in a BIG way. Think about it. If you spend about $10/meal twice a day, that’s $140/week or $560/MONTH.

Buy some groceries and let eating out become a special occasion. Meal planning can go a long way, and it’s healthier! You won’t feel nearly as bad for splurging next time you’re out with friends.

#4. Not Home? Turn Off the A/C or Heater.

Gas and electric bills spike during the winter and summer. To avoid paying much more than usual, turn the system off before leaving home for school or work. You might have to deal with some slight discomfort for a few minutes once you return home, but your bank account will thank you.

#5. Do You Really Need All Those Subscriptions?

Are you subscribed to multiple television/movie streaming services? Netflix, Hulu and HBO are all great, but pick a favorite! If it’s been a while since signing in, ditch the account. All those monthly fees begin to accumulate if you look at it from an annual perspective.